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Instructions for clients

What does escort mean?

An escort is a person who accompanies another person to a social event. In most cases, escorts are women who are paid to accompany wealthy or successful men to private events or activities. Unlike sex workers, escorts do not necessarily have to have sex with their clients.

Are the escorts prostitutes?

It is important to remember that escorts are companions, so the exchange of money refers to their escort service, regardless of whether an intimate relationship develops. However, it cannot be ruled out that chemistry can develop between the two and something more may be desired, but that will depend on each girl. Escorts are often sought after for their beauty and high social and cultural skills. Often they can be hired for dinners, trips, social events, business meetings or just to spend time together.

The date with an escort

If you want to have an escort in your favorite place, it is very easy. Just call and arrange with them, which is very easy. The only complication is choosing from all the available options. But don't worry, if you are not satisfied with your choice, you can always call back and try another girl. That way, you can find her favorite.

Independent escorts

All independent girls advertised on have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are real, serious and professional. Their ages and photos are verified. This allows us to guarantee that continues to be the best catalog of escorts in Paraguay.

Agency escorts

In addition to independent girls, you can also find agency girls in Paraguay. is not responsible for the relationship between the escort and the agency. The agent will usually be able to help you choose the best girl for her needs in her portfolio.

The escorts and us

You should also know that does not charge any commission or fee for the agreements that you may have with one of our escort girls. The deal is directly with them, allowing you to reach economic agreements. Each of the girls will offer you immense joy and exceptional treatment. Our part in the process is limited to the development of the page that allows, on the one hand, the escort to present herself to her public in her maximum expression and, on the other, the client to find the most suitable girl for her needs. . If you want more details about the escorts, we suggest you contact them directly and get to know them better. In the profile of each girl you will find detailed information such as her age, height and a brief description that will help you decide if they are of interest to you. You will also be able to see exclusive photographs that will allow you to get to know each of the VIP escorts of better. You can read more about this topic in our legal notes

Helpful guides

We have created guides to help you in your search for the ideal escort and in the subsequent meeting with one of them. You can find them here:


In summary, the VIP escorts of are the best escorts you can find in Paraguay. They are beautiful and attractive women who are willing to please you and make your experience unforgettable. Enjoy a discreet and high-quality experience that will surely leave you wanting to repeat.