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The world of luxury escorts, in Paraguay as in the whole world, contains many taboos around it, therefore very little is written or spoken openly on the subject. There is no manual with the golden rules to follow for all luxury escorts in Paraguay. However, here we offer you some tips, based on the experiences of successful escorts, on how to become a luxury escort in Asunción and in the world, which offers more than just sex to its clients, which will help you make more resounding profits. in this profession of pleasant encounters.

It is well known that many women throughout history have achieved their goals using seduction (not only in sex), and feminine charm as instruments that have given them great value against men who even seemed unattainable for them. On several occasions it was not even a question of possessing great beauty, but of understanding how to become goddesses that everyone wanted to reach, and even emulate; in being the prize within the sexual game. They were the most successful luxury escorts of their time, and they knew it.

Cleopatra used the art of seduction to have two Roman generals surrendered at her feet, and thus achieve her goals as queen; Madame de Pompadour was one of the most influential women in politics in France for the simple fact of being the royal lover, for having captivated King Louis XV in an exceptional way, beyond good sex. Did these women have in common exceptional beauty? No, but they knew how to become fascinating women for any man, sex for them was power. A luxury escort should also be able to do that, and it is a trait that can be perfected little by little, which is acquired. Here are the main pillars that distinguish them:

They enjoy what they do

Beyond really enjoying what they do, luxury escorts let their clients see it. They don't look at the clock, they don't make unhappy faces, they never stop smiling. They enjoy the sexual encounter, they know each other well and they know what they like. They transmit that and distinguishes them from the rest.

They care so much about each customer's experience

From knowing what each one likes, the perfume that fascinates them the most, the color and type of lingerie, to buying a new outfit for a special occasion in which they have to accompany the client to an event, or have organized an unusual sexual encounter. It will always be the details that mark this special point of a luxury escort in the relationship with each client.

They have a broad cultural background

The fascination that they can exert on their clients is not limited to sex. They show an ingenuity that denotes interest in many areas of luxury. They are women with whom you can talk about various topics, they are very versatile and they know that after sex there is talk, which extends the connection with their client. The men they target are luxury, they come from backgrounds where subjects such as art, literature, music, etc. are very much enjoyed. And another very important point here, these women speak at least additionally English, since that will allow them to expand their options in the escort profession.

They take care of their image and dress elegantly

They have good taste and it shows in the clothes they wear as well. They know the subtle difference between sexy and vulgar, which is why they will never fall into the latter category in the world of escorts. They take care of their hair, their skin, their nails, and the clothes they wear. They opt for delicate fabrics and colors that favor their skin tone, which highlights the luxury they convey with their person.

They trust themselves

This is paramount. They understand that the decision to develop in the escort profession was theirs, and they never feel that it detracts from their value, quite the contrary, they understand the personal fulfillment achieved. They are luxury women who fully perceive what they bring to their clients, all the happiness and joy that they are capable of granting through sex, and the experience that surrounds it.

They know how to seduce

They are sex goddesses because they love what they do, because they love themselves and are comfortable with who they are. For these reasons they know perfectly the game of seduction, of the preliminary acts, all the magic and the fire that surrounds the sexual encounter. And there the distinction of a luxury relationship is also communicated.

They are the luxury prize to be achieved

They don't accept just anyone, they choose who to be with. They have their filters too, which further increases their value. Luxury escorts have luxury clients, that formula is unbreakable

These are, broadly speaking, the fundamental pillars on which a luxury escort sustains her profession. As previously mentioned, all of these skills can be learned with patience, experience, and dedication. The important thing is to be clear about where you want to go, and why, in the world of sex combined with luxury.

A luxury escort often has clients for life, here are other tips to achieve that goal.