Being an escort with loyal clients

Discover how to captivate your clients and become the favorite mistress of many
Published a year ago (06/10/2022)

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Once you book an appointment with a client and it happens, the client goes from potential to real in your escort profession. Then the question arises of how to keep him captive for life, and become his VIP escort. Beyond good sex, and all the tools that you can make use of in the sexual experience, you have to understand that in order to dazzle high-value men by becoming their favorite, there are a series of steps that you can follow. Here we show you what those tips are.

You do not have to follow the following tips to the letter, it is not a fixed recipe, impossible to be altered, however you can take those tips that you consider most relevant to your escort profession and put them into practice to get quality, long-term clients. duration in the practice of good sex:

Personalize each experience of your customers

Each client is a world apart, they have different tastes, aromas that they prefer over others, colors that seduce them the most, textures, type of music, topics of conversation, etc. Meet the man you are with at that moment, make him feel special, pamper him. Remember that most are looking for more than just sex, they are looking for an escape through meeting with an escort. Getting them out of the routines of their lives, making them find an unforgettable moment with you, is essential to captivate them as their favorite escort.

Remember everything that he has told you

Yes, everything, because that way you will show him that you are really interested, that you enjoy your time with him, that you live satisfying experiences that make you feel a real attraction, and that he is not just a client in your escort world. Be careful, the idea is not that he thinks that you are falling in love or anything like that, simply that he understands that how much fun they have in bed and all the interesting talks they have make you remember everything. He matters to you, beyond being your client as an escort.

Call him by his name

Even if it seems meaningless or useless, we can assure you that calling him by his name will accentuate the attraction that your client feels for you. Why? For the simple fact that you will be transmitting the idea of ​​uniqueness that every man wants, even if you are his escort. It won't be one more for you, you won't be thinking like a common escort, and this is the most important step to prove it. Sure, you can use pet names too, but it's always essential for him to keep in mind that he's wowed you. He is a man whose identity is also shaped by a name you never, ever forget.

Have details with your client

Details like having his favorite wine ready, the shampoo that only he uses, the lingerie that he loves the most, will make you a more loving and sensual escort in his eyes. Learn to read your client and interpret it well in order to know what details to have, how and when. You have to know your client, that is essential to be able to create a strong bond that makes them experience emotions that constantly attract them, and thus become their favorite escort.

He must be the only one despite being a client

Don't even think about talking about your other clients, dates you've been on, the date you're about to go on, or other lovely men. Yes, both of you know how your escort profession works, but that does not mean that you should go around bragging about your other "conquests" as an escort. He must be the only client during that moment, it is what he really wants to obtain, to know that a woman as goddess as you is only his during this meeting that you are having, that you continue to choose him because he really is special. In the bond you always have the last word, and you continue to want it in each sexual encounter.

Remember, all these tips revolve around being able to build a story that is accentuated in each appointment with your clients, and the sensations that you arouse will be what will make them always come back to you, asking for more experiences of this style, becoming their favorite escort. forever. More than sex with an escort, he wants to live passionate and seductive stories with a perfect lover. Be the protagonist goddess of those, be their favorite lover.