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Here you will find tips to describe yourself successfully, including your skills in sex
Published 10 months ago (13/11/2022)

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When you start with your profession as escort in Paraguay, like in the rest of the world, you have to make a description that attracts the type of clients you want. This is a key to guaranteed success as an escort, and to achieve it, you must first be clear about the points that we present below. Make sure you meet everyone, so you will be an escort with clients who help you grow in your profession.

Define the type of customers you want to have

The freedom of this profession is that you decide the type of clients you want to attract. You will earn a lot of money at the same time that you will enjoy what you do, since from the beginning you will define the profile of the client with whom you want to have sex. For this, it is necessary that you first write a list of the traits that you want your clients to have; once you have done that you can research the type of escort that these men prefer and promote yourself as such.

Write a captivating introduction

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Make sure that your introduction contains the main thing you want to convey to your client, because if you don't captivate them from the beginning, they probably won't continue reading. Make it a brief summary of what you are going to describe later in more detail. Remember that your description is your letter of introduction to your clients, so you must take the time to make the introduction dazzling.

Highlight your skills in sex

Sex is paramount in this profession, beyond everything that surrounds the encounter; sex as an experience is what the client will be looking to satisfy, in most cases. But as an escort keep in mind that, when describing your skills in sex, you should not fall into vulgarity. It is better that you be subtle in the description of the skills that you possess in the art of sex, and always remember that the language and tone that you use has to be in accordance with the type of client that you want to attract. For example, a refined man generally looks for an escort who knows how to seduce him without revealing all his cards from the beginning. Sort of like a lady out and a whore in bed.

Make your limits clear

It is important for a good experience for you as an escort, and that of your client, that you make your limits in bed clear from the beginning when having sex. If there's something you're not willing to do because you don't like it, or maybe because you still don't think you can do it excellently, then make that clear. Do not cheat, or promise things that you are not going to fulfill, since that will generate expectations in the client that may turn the experience into something unpleasant, and you will lose a potential client for life. As an escort that is an opportunity that you cannot miss, to have loyal and constant clients.

Focus on the characteristics that differentiate you as an escort

This part contains all the experience you offer, going beyond sex. Describe everything you can offer your client, and that they can add during the meeting. Things like being willing to travel with him, to go out to dinner, to share certain hobbies in common, to talk about certain topics that interest you, or similar. Describe the whole group that defines you as an escort and that you consider differentiates you from the others. That will also help your client when making a choice, and it will add points to you by standing out from the rest.

Make your photos match your description

The photos are the visual complement of what you expressed with words in your description, they are the logo of your brand, therefore it has to be aligned with that description. If you describe yourself as a VIP escort for luxury clients who also need escorts for black-tie events, be sure to upload sensual, seductive but not vulgar photos, something boudoir style would be a good complement in this case. The photos will always highlight the type of sex that you are going to provide, and the experience that you will make your client live as an escort. In this article we give you tips on the photos to upload according to the clients you seek to attract.

In short, the description you make of yourself is your introduction to the world of this profession, and therefore it is very relevant for its development. To be a successful escort you will have to take the time to do it in the most effective way possible. The tips we gave you here for writing the description are important, but always keep your creativity in mind as well. Sex and a pleasant experience is what all clients are looking for, you add your own ingredients to that recipe and you will have your success as an escort guaranteed.