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When it comes to captivating clients in the escort profession, fragrances play an essential role in your arsenal of weapons, being a weapon with many shades of power; to take advantage of to achieve resounding success with your clients. In the combination of fragrances that you can do to increase the power of your seduction as an escort in Paraguay, it all depends on what you want to convey through your profile, to your clients. Like the photos, and the description that you make of yourself as an escort, fragrances are part of a set that denote your personal power, and that contribute to forming your identity as an escort in Paraguay.

The fragrances of a scent always express something about you and your personality; The attraction generated by the flashes of a fragrance perceived by the sense of smell can be very great, even though the receiver may not be fully aware of said attraction. Never forget that your client is your most important receiver, and therefore you must also take care of this aspect of yours when he meets sexually between you; Be an escort from Paraguay that associates the power of aromas in perfume with the power of sex in the act itself. Let the fragrances you choose perfectly denote your skills in sex and present you successfully to your clients.

The benefits of using fragrances as a powerful weapon to achieve your success in the escort profession in Paraguay are varied. But, it is enough to highlight that among those is the fact that they will allow you to leave an indelible mark on your customers, and that they will also associate you with particular fragrances; You will then have something else that sets you apart in the world of escorts, your own imprint of personal power. Additionally, dressing in fragrances as a weapon will increase your self-confidence, relax you, and make the encounter of sex a more pleasant experience, both for you and for your clients.

Next, we present you in broad strokes the meaning of each combination of fragrances, so you can choose the most appropriate for your case:

Citrus: an aromatic combination for simple women and athletes

They are fragrances that have the essential characteristic of raising the spirits and clearing the mind, that is, they are associated with a concept of freshness itself and changes of air. As an escort in Paraguay you can include these fragrances in your personal touch, and in your experience with your clients, if you want to transmit a profile of a simple, serene woman who gives relevance to sport in her life. Combine fragrances of tangerine, lemon, mint, eucalyptus, sage, grapefruit, rosemary, to give you some examples of how to put together your letter of introduction to your clients, as an escort with a citrus personality.

Floral fragrances: romance lives in you

If you are an escort who wants to be seen as having a character with a romantic, somewhat dreamy, very present side (which many clients may like if they are looking for a girlfriend-style sexual experience), then this fragrance combination is for you. . They are fragrances that denote a lot of femininity in their composition, in addition to giving a touch of elegance to the escort who wears them. For meetings with your clients you can mix classic fragrances such as roses, orchids and jasmine, but also play with more seductive fragrances in a bold way, such as magnolia, mimosa or sunflower. Do not go overboard with the quantities, since they are aromas that will intoxicate your customers a lot, they have a very strong presence and few quantities are enough.

Beyond taste with fruity fragrances: the power to be shy, tender and flirtatious at the same time

You are an escort who wants to awaken the appetite of her clients from the first moment, you want to be seen as an appetizing meal that they will enjoy a lot during sex. Although, on the other hand, you also have a particular tenderness and shyness, ideal complements to your escort profile in Paraguay. They are more subtle than the previous fragrances, and very refreshing like the first ones. Fruity fragrances transmit joy and confidence, thus helping your clients to live a full experience in sex. All varieties of fruit can be combined, from the tropical ones like mangoes, to the most typical ones like strawberries.

Oriental fragrances: because you master the art of absolute seduction

They are sensual and warm fragrances in themselves, since they have that hint of the exotic, combined with the new and unknown. As an escort from Paraguay who wants to transmit a profile of absolute seduction, you have to use these fragrances in sexual encounters with your clients. They will be fascinated by you. In general, they are also associated with people with a lot of personality, since their aromas last for a long time, in very small concentrations. You will be a kind of Cleopatra among your clients, if you use these fragrances for your personal stamp as an escort. You can include nutmeg, incense, pepper, curry, etc. in these combinations.

Remember that it is not necessary to buy an imported or very expensive perfume to use fragrances as a weapon, in building your success as an escort in Paraguay. Sometimes, it will be enough to use essential oils that contain the fragrances that you want to evoke during the sexual encounter between you and your clients; these are the magic ingredient of perfumes. All the power of perfumes and their fragrances is concentrated in an oil. To complement the information that we have given you here, you can do a deeper investigation on your own, so you can start implementing fragrances as a weapon of seduction. You will score points in the race for success as an escort in Paraguay, and you will have more satisfied clients.