Escorts with Full service

Escorts that offer full service in Paraguay

What is it about?

On this page we present you with a selection of escorts that offer full service in Paraguay.

By full service we mean an escort who, in addition to traditional sex, also offers anal sex.

Many men enjoy anal sex because of the feeling of domination it causes over the woman with whom they are having sex, others appreciate the transgression of this type of practice.

Although within the different types of sex, anal sex is one of the most pleasurable, it is not very easy to find a woman available to practice anal sex since not all women have overcome the taboo with this practice.

Luckily there are escorts in Paraguay that offer this service, so whatever the reason that drives you to seek an anal sex experience, on this page you will find the escorts that offer this service in Paraguay.

If practiced well, this sexual practice can even lead to an anal orgasm in some of them.

If you still don't feel ready for this practice, you can still find pleasure in anal masturbation practiced with a sex toy.

There are situations in which the escort can consider starting with an anal masturbation with dildos, which come in different sizes, to help dilate the anus progressively.

Lubricants also help make anal sex more pleasurable for a woman.

Anal sex can be practiced in many positions, but nevertheless the most common and most exciting for men is doggy style.

In some cases, the anal sex service is included in the hourly rate that you see in the escort's advertisement.

In other cases this service is offered at an additional cost.

So if you are interested in using this service, we recommend that you clarify this aspect by phone before the meeting.